When looking for work in the industry, many job seekers turn to established hotel chains, with clear hiring processes and greater demand for new recruits. In this article, you can explore the topic of hotel chains further, learning about what a chain is and why they can be beneficial, while also having access to details on 10 of the world’s main examples.

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What is the Hotel Industry?

The hotel industry is part of the wider service economy and is focused on guest accommodation or lodgings. Most definitions use the term ‘hotel industry’ to describe the industry surrounding not only hotels and hotel chains but also motels, hostels, inns, guest houses and similar forms of short-term, service-based accommodation.

With that being said, the hotel industry does not include other parts of the hospitality industry, such as restaurants and bars. You can find out much more about the hotel industry, how it is defined, and its distinctions from the hospitality industry by checking out “Hotel Industry: Everything You Need to Know About Hotels!”.

What is a Hotel Chain?

A hotel chain is a name given to a business that owns and/or operates multiple hotels, or similar forms of guest accommodation. This can include situations where a company is full owner or partial owner of other properties, as long as the same company is responsible for their marketing and administrative tasks.

Generally speaking, all hotels that form part of a hotel chain will carry the same branding, and the products and services offered within these hotels are usually very similar too. Some companies own or operate multiple hotel chains and these larger companies can be described as hotel groups.

What Are the Advantages of Working for a Hotel Chain?

When seeking employment in the hospitality sector, many people focus their efforts on some of the larger hotel chains, because multiple locations and a large number of customers means they have greater demand for staff, and employees are likely to get shifts at all times of the year, rather than only at peak times.

The administrative side of hotel chains can often be superior, meaning there may be more robust policies in place in terms of employee benefits and complaints processes. Large chains are also more likely to have money to invest in the professional development of staff, and there may even be opportunities to either train or work abroad.

List of 10 Hotel Chains To Work At

Below, you will find more information on 10 of the biggest hotel chains in the world. If you are seeking work in the hospitality industry, focusing on these chains could be a good place to start your job search.

Marriott International

Marriott International was established in 2003, as a result of the Marriott Corporation dividing into two. Originally, the Marriott Corporation was founded in 1927 by J. Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott, who were husband and wife. Today, Marriott International franchises and manages hotels and other similar forms of accommodation in multiple countries and is recognised as the largest hotel chain in the world, when measured by a number of rooms.

In total, there are more than 8,000 global properties that fall under the Marriott International umbrella and these are located in more than 100 countries. The chain’s company headquarters is in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Click here for the latest job openings at Marriott.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a chain of full-service hotels and serves as the flagship brand for the hotel group Hilton Worldwide. The company was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton and has expanded to the point where it now owns, manages or operates approximately 600 properties across six continents and almost 100 countries.

The hotel chain is one of the largest in the hospitality industry, employing around 62,000 people in total. Many of its properties are located in major cities, or popular travel destinations, meaning the company is a good choice for those who may wish to work in busy environments, with plenty to see and do in the local area.

Click here for the latest job openings at Hilton Worldwide.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is the flagship brand of Hyatt Hotels Corporation and was founded in 1957 by Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch. Despite starting as a single motel in Los Angeles, it has since grown into a multinational hotel chain, with a total of more than 1,000 properties located in around 70 countries.

The company primarily markets its properties to the luxury and business markets, making it a good choice for those who wish to learn how to deliver a high-level guest experience or those who would like to work as a hotel manager in an upmarket property. The main Hyatt headquarters can be found in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Video: The Hyatt Employment Experience – Hotel Jobs and Careers


Click here for the latest job openings at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

Accor S.A.

Accor S.A. is a multinational hotel group, founded in 1967, with its headquarters near Paris, France. The company owns or operates a number of successful hotel chains, including Fairmont, Pullman, Raffles, Mercure and Novotel.

In total, Accor is responsible for more than 5,000 guest accommodation properties, and these are situated across more than 100 countries. The company also manages or operates a number of other businesses within the wider hospitality industry, making it a good company to approach workers from a variety of professional backgrounds.

Click here for the latest job openings at the Accor S.A.

Jin Jiang International

Jin Jiang International is a state-owned hotel group, based in Shanghai, China. The company operates a number of hotel chains, including Jinjiang Inn and Bestay Hotel Express, as well as individual hotels, such as Jinjiang Hotel and Peace Hotel in Shanghai. The group also owns European brands like Golden Tulip and Royal Tulip.

The extensive portfolio of hotel chains and properties under the Jin Jiang banner means that the organisation operates or oversees more than 10,000 hotels in more than 100 countries. It employs over 100,000 people, and its large number of hotels means the company has a high demand for workers from the hospitality sector, and related fields.

Click here for the latest job openings at the Jin Jian International.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Established in 1981, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is a hotel group based out of Parsippany, New Jersey, USA. The company owns some of the biggest hotel chains in the world, including Wyndham, Days Inn, Ramada, La Quinta, and Travelodge. Wyndham also claims it franchises more hotels than any other company in the world.

In total, there are more than 9,000 hotels or similar guest accommodation properties under the Wyndham umbrella. For job seekers, Wyndham is a popular company to focus on, because it has properties all over the world, catering for everything from extended stay and budget accommodation, right through to luxury resorts.

Click here for the latest job openings at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

InterContinental Hotels Group

InterContinental Hotels Group, also known as IHG Hotels, is a hotel group based out of Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom. Among the various hotel chains that are owned and/or operated by IHG are InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, Six Senses, and Regent Hotels.

The company has almost 6,000 hotels altogether. The majority of these are operated under franchise agreements, but some are owned directly, while others are owned by others in the tourism industry and operated by IHG.

Click here for the latest job openings at the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Best Western International

Best Western International, Inc. was established in 1946 and has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The company’s main hotel chains carry the Best Western name and this includes Best Western, Best Western Plus, Best Western Premier, BW Signature Collection, and more. Additionally, the company owns the WorldHotels brand.

All in all, close to 5,000 hotels are operated under the company’s leadership, with North America accounting for over 2,000 of these. However, all Best Western hotels are independently owned and managed.

Click here for the latest job openings at Best Western.

Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels is a hotel group that operates a number of hotel chains, with its main headquarters in Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA. The majority of the company’s hotels are in the United States, but it does operate internationally.

In total, there are more than 1,600 hotels carrying the Radisson name. This includes the brands Radisson, which is the flagship brand; Radisson Blu, which is an upscale and predominantly city-based brand; Radisson RED, which places an emphasis on modern technology and architecture; and Radisson Collection, which is a luxury brand.

Click here for the latest job openings at the Radisson Hotel Group.

Choice Hotels International

Choice Hotels International is a hotel group, with its main base in Rockville, Maryland, USA. The company owns multiple hotel chains, including Comfort, Sleep Inn, MainStay Suites, Econo Lodge, and Ascend Hotel Collection.

All in all, CHI is responsible for more than 7,000 properties around the world, and these are situated in 40+ countries. The Ascend Hotel Collection is an upscale chain, which operates as a soft brand, meaning there are comparatively fewer fixed ideas. As a result, it may be an appealing prospect to those looking to become a hospitality manager, because there may be more scope to implement new and unique ideas.

Click here for the latest job openings at Choice Hotels International.

Approach Hotel Chains to Find Hotel Manager Jobs

If you are seeking a job in the hotel industry and have extensive experience or past managerial experience, you may wish to become a hotel manager. You can apply to hotel chains directly when vacancies arise or apply via hotel job boards, recruitment agencies, or social media platforms.

To explore the topic further, find out what the role entails, gain access to information on the best channels to use, and much more, read the article “Hotel Manager: Tips to Find Your Next Hotel Manager Job!”.

Hotel Careers: How to Impress the Best Hotel Chains

To find work with the best hotel chains, you will need to demonstrate that you have the right skills, qualifications, qualities, and/or experience. This could mean taking a relevant course, tailoring your CV to be more focused on hotel careers, or capitalising on the right personal branding strategies.

Additionally, you need to use the right methods to actually find your ideal career opportunity. To learn more, check out the “Hotel Careers: 10 Valuable Tips to Find a Job in the Hotel Industry” post.

Hotel Chains and the Wider Hospitality Industry

Hotel chains are some of the main employers within the hospitality industry. However, the industry itself has more variety than guest accommodation alone. In fact, it includes a restaurant and catering jobs, bar and nightclub jobs, and other food and beverage-related positions, as well as careers as a travel agent or tour operator.

To learn more, take a look at “Hospitality Industry: The No. 1 Hospitality Information Guide!” where you can find out about the industry, the key trends, the main sectors, emerging technology, and a lot more.

The Best European Hotel Chains to Reach Out To

If you are looking for work in the hotel industry and are interested in working in Europe, it can be beneficial to have a list of the most important hotel chains with properties in the continent. This can then help you to approach the right chains, in order to maximise your chances of finding work.

Check out the “List of the Biggest European Hotel Brands to Work For” article for much more information on the biggest and most successful hotel chains in Europe, so that you can optimise your job search.

A hotel chain is a business in the hospitality industry, which owns, operates, or franchises multiple hotels or similar forms of guest accommodation. The ten chains outlined are among the biggest in the world and represent an excellent starting point when seeking companies that may be looking for new recruits.

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