What Will You Learn?

Traditionally, hotels focus on acquisition, while ancillary guest revenue is an afterthought. ADR and Occupancy are down in the current world, so hotels need to maximize revenue per guest even after the reservation is made. Hospitality veteran and upsell expert, Jos Schaap explains in this masterclass the psychological underpinnings of the Guest Tension Arc.

In the online masterclass “Upselling for Hotels”, you’ll learn about your guests’ evolving feelings about costs, spending and their upcoming stay in the time between the reservation and check-in. Upselling opportunities are directly related to the flow of the tension Arc as well as guest wallet share.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • The Guests Buying Tension Arc
  • Guest Wallet Share
  • High Margin Revenue
  • Understanding Sunk Cost
  • The Principles of Upselling
  • The right number of choices to offer
  • What to Upsell and When
  • Upsell KPIs
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