ROOMDEX is the hyper-intelligent hotel upgrade and upsell platform. The software uses hotel reservation, guest data, proprietary persona, and price algorithms to deliver personalized digital offers, resulting in high margin revenue and a substantial ROI in both LOW and HIGH occupancy situations.

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ROOMDEX automates, monetizes and ultimately simplifies the hotel room upgrade process by putting the power of choice in the hotel guest’s hands.

ROOMDEX is Founded in early 2020 by Jos Schaap, Pierre Boettner and Denis Bajet. These 3 industry veterans bring over 90 years of hotel software experience. The first product, “Room Upgrade & Upsell Optimization”, has delivered high margin revenue and ROI to hotels in LOW and high occupancy periods. ROOMDEX has signed over 6,000 rooms and 75 hotels.

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How Attribute-based Selling Solves the Hotel Industry’s Problem with Personalization

As consumers, we're surrounded by extreme personalization every day. Whether AI-driven provides product recommendations, options when booking an airline ticket or even adding extra pepperoni on a pizza, consumers are commonly exposed to personalization mechanisms in their online shopping experiences. Consumers Expect Personalization Consumers have come to expect personalization as a standard function. An overwhelming 70% say we will shop exclusively with brands that personally understand us. And for the businesses who invest in personalization,

Learn How to Maximize Your Premium Hotel Room Revenue

Do you put your Premium Rooms on a pedestal? A more nuanced approach will yield more revenue. Suites are a peculiar thing within the hotel industry. They are, after all, just hotel rooms for rent. But some hoteliers are very attached to what their premium represents–the hotel's very best. In a way, these special rooms are protected. Some hotels may not even yield the biggest and best room rates. In this article, you'll learn how

Don’t Settle for Hotel Upselling “Light”

Today's revenue managers are not stupid. They all know that occupancy is terrible, and while they can try to prop up the rate, it will be hard to reach 2019 revenue levels from reservation acquisitions alone. Their plan is to derive more revenue from their acquired guests now. So, things like room upgrade platforms, once considered a bonus, are now getting a second look from commercial teams counting every penny. Optimize Secondary Revenue Streams The

Considerations When Setting Stay Extension Pricing

Most revenue managers are well aware of the latest industry trend of monetizing the requests for early check-ins and late departures. Why is this activity now trending? Before the pandemic, generally, favorable market conditions made normalized stay extension offers operational challenges simply not worth the effort. However, owners and asset managers are now pressing the commercial teams to find 'recovery revenue' amidst record-low occupancy rates. So, if new bookings are hard to come by, then

Tools of the Trade: Why Revenue Managers Need to Be Active Software Reviewers

A comprehensive approach to revenue management traditionally includes a number of different solutions from PMS, CRS, RMS, rate shopper, and business intelligence tools. But at a time when occupancy levels remain aberrantly low, what other tools, if any, should a revenue manager be aware of that can help increase revenue? The Future of Revenue Management: Total Profit Management This article reflects a conversation between Paul Peddrick of ROOMDEX and Oliver Geldner, CTO & Partner of

How Hotel Automation Increases Early Check-in & Late Checkout Revenue

When you hear the word automation, it may conjure up images of a future where artificial intelligence and robots take over jobs. The reality, however, is much more nuanced. The notion of automation generally remains ossified in this physical, machine-replace-labour frame and is perceived as another step toward automation-led obsolescence. Automation in Everyday Life Discussions about automation all too often focus solely on distant possibilities. Surprisingly many people don’t realize the scale of current automation

9 Essential Hotel KPIs to Optimize Your Upsell Marketing Performance

The hotel industry employs many unique key performance indicators. ADR (average daily rate), RevPAR (revenue per available room) and Occ% (occupancy) naturally come to mind. These metrics reflect the unique nature of our business, but their existence also drives our attention and actions. Watching your hotel’s KPIs translates into optimizing key activities to influence those KPIs positively. As the old saying goes, “what is not measured cannot be improved.” Hotel Upselling is Becoming More Important

How Upselling Provides Low-Cost Revenue and Loyal Customers

All kinds of businesses use upselling to enhance their customer experience and maximize revenue on existing sales. From the McDonald’s server asking, “Do you want fries with that?”, to airlines offering seat upgrades. Upselling provides the opportunity to maximize the value of every customer. Not all upselling efforts are well-received — particularly efforts driven by the sole desire to make more money. If done correctly, upselling can bring you closer to your guests, earn more

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