What Will You Learn?

For better or worse, the “doing more with less” mantra has become a core skillset of today’s revenue managers. It’s imperative to be as efficient as possible with distribution, maximizing booking profitability while experimenting with new channels and pricing strategies to optimize revenues further.

Several tactics ensure peak performance to master revenue management with a reduced workforce, from fully leveraging your technology and digging into the data to unearthing emerging segments, finding workflow efficiencies, and trying new pricing strategies.

In this free ebook, “How to Master Revenue Management with Reduced Staff”, you find ways to optimize revenues despite lower staffing levels.

What Are The Topics?

Below you find an overview of all topics.

  • Integrate your hotel’s technology
  • How to avoid analysis paralysis
  • Way to optimize for upselling
  • Value of collaboration with the hotel marketing team
  • Importance of dynamic pricing
  • How to maximize booking profitability
  • Why your hotel should double down on loyalty
  • Build flexible, collaborative strategies
  • Bringing it all together
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